About Me

I am qualified in a number of therapies and my approach can be described as “blended”. I like to take whatever issues or concerns you may have and decide which approach will be the most beneficial. This can change from session to session and I will work with you to discuss the best methods. If you feel uncomfortable with any of my suggestions then do not be afraid to tell me.

I have been described as approachable, and have the ability to make people feel at ease. Other words which have been used to describe me are “…caring, genuine, open, real…” I firmly believe that no issue or question is stupid or not valid. It is not for me or anyone else to judge what is or is not important. If it is a concern to you, then I will help you to the best of my abilities.

I started working for the Bank of Scotland back in 1975, having left school with four O-Levels. After my children went to school I decided to return to education and this was the beginning of a life-long passion for learning. Following a long period of recurrent illness, I became interested in pain management, and how we can both lie down and accept what we have or we can learn to deal with chronic pain and live our lives. This whet my appetite to find out more about the way we think about our lives, the way we speak, and how the language we use every day can determine our thinking and actions, and, in turn, our behaviours. I am a firm believer in taking responsibility for our own actions and wellbeing.

I was fortunate to work personally with a hypnotherapist and a personal trainer to help me to overcome the emotional and physical barriers I was creating for myself and holding myself back.

I found my inner strength, and I would like to help you find your inner strength too.

As well as managing pain, I am fascinated in our relationship with food and eating, and how often we tend to fuel our own emotions with food. Also our bodies can be a physical manifestation of the emotional issues in our lives. I will offer a personal example – during a period of personal stress I was plagued with sciatica. One morning I walked into my kitchen and called out loud “..it hurts to stand on my own two feet..” While I was referring to the searing pain in my leg, I realized this was a statement relating to my emotional world. Our bodies do not lie! I liken the human body to the car dashboard – when a light comes on in the car we react, yet when a light comes on in the form of pain, we often ignore it and carry on regardless!

My other interests include career matching and motivation, coaching and mentoring, and simply talking! I have found that often some “coffee table therapy” can be beneficial and sitting down with a cup of tea or coffee and just offloading to someone impartial can work well.

I have experienced the pain and loss of family members and friends dying through natural causes, accidents, and suicide. I have training in suicide intervention and have experience of having that difficult conversation with people.

Your Inner Strength by Morag Hoolachan MNCH, DipCAH, PNLP, HPD, Dip C&M, Dip CBT, TAP, BA
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