Mindfulness, Mindful Nutrition and Eating Psychology

Mention the word ‘mindfulness’ to some and the answers are wide-ranging. Mindfulness in essence is being “in the moment”, and that can be a powerful and liberating thing. We all lead busy lives, and the chatter that goes on in our own heads can be deafening and distracting. By engaging in mindfulness we can quieten down our minds and find inner peace. Everyone, irrespective of age, has the ability to practice mindfulness on a daily basis using everyday tools, there are no fancy gadgets or gimmicks involved – just a willingness on your part to be kind to yourself.

Mindful nutrition can help weight control by allowing us to focus our attention to the tastes and textures of food. This triggers a chemical reaction in our brains which sends a signal to our stomachs that says “We are full and satisfied. We do not need any more, thank you”

I would be delighted to offer Mindful Eating sessions with a group of people and if this is something you would be interested in for fun or team building then please contact me.

‘Eating psychology’ is, looking at our relationship with food, and why we tend to overeat, whether through comfort eating, boredom, distraction, or even perceived body image.

While this deals with symptoms of anorexia and bulimia, this is no replacement for clinical or medical intervention. I would urge anyone who suspects an eating disorder to seek medical attention.

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