Legal Notices and Disclaimers

Working with children
I am passionate about offering children a voice and space to express their fears and emotions. I can offer Mindfulness for Children, and EFT (“tapping”) techniques for children, as well as coaching and offering a safe space to deal with their emotions.

Important Disclaimer
Irrespective of whichever therapy is used, I must stress that if I feel that you are in danger of harm to yourself or others, I reserve the right to inform the relevant authorities and disclose any information I hold. If in the event that this is necessary, I will advise you of my intentions and actions. I am not medically or clinically trained and my training is holistic, albeit I have satisfied the requirements of the respective accreditation bodies.

The service I provide will be of a highly professional standard and I take confidentiality very seriously. I expect to be afforded the same courtesy and I reserve the right to take appropriate action if any information I share during our sessions is disclosed (including via social media) away from the therapy centre or once telephone calls are completed. This includes the use of any recording equipment which may be used in a detrimental manner. I will not be held responsible for any third party interventions when utilising telephone or computer-based programmes.

Confidentiality Statement
Confidentiality within a Hypnotherapy Session
I am a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapists (registration number 6651), and I have agreed to work in accordance with their Code of Ethics. If hypnotherapy is to be successful for you, it is important you trust me and be as honest with me regarding your personal information and circumstances.
Both the NCH Code of Ethics and the law require me to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, and the key areas regarding your personal information are as follows:

  • I will only obtain data from you that is essential to your therapy
  • I will record your data accurately and update this as required
  • I will not share your information with anyone without your written and explicit consent – other than (as has been explained to you) when I have concerns over your risk of harm to yourself or others
  • I will keep your information secure

My responsibility to you as a therapist
I will treat you with respect and anything you share with me will be kept in strictest confidence. If I meet you in public I will not acknowledge you without you first making contact with me. This is to avoid any potential embarrassment or breaches of confidentiality. If I am asked about your therapy from a third party, I will not confirm you are a client of mine without first seeking your permission. I will not leave details on a telephone voicemail to avoid a breach of personal information, without your express consent. If I am unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances and need to cancel our appointment at short notice (within 24 hours) I will not charge your fee.

Your responsibility as a client
You will treat me with respect and if I disclose any information about my personal life, this will be treated with the same degree of confidentiality that I have afforded you. Once we have agreed a time and place for appointments you will attend these appointments on time. Failure to attend at the appropriate start time will be deducted from your session at no reduction in fee. All fees must be paid at the time of the session. If you require giving short notice cancellation – within 12 hours of the start time of your appointment – you may be charged for that session.

Third party involvement
It is desirable for you to be seen on your own for therapy sessions, however I realise there are times when you may wish to have another person accompany you. Please be advised I will have no responsibility for any breaches of confidentiality if the third party discloses any information you share with me. Also a third party will be asked to stay quiet during the entire session, and will be reassured the therapy session is for your purposes only.

Should you have any reason to complain about the service I have provided, please make your concerns known to me in the first instance, either verbally or in writing, to allow us to reach a reasonable and suitable resolution. However you have the right to contact the NCH and ask for an investigation into my practices, and details can be found on their website National Council for Hypnotherapists

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